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tv   Fox 5 News Sports Extra  FOX  February 18, 2012 11:15pm-11:30pm EST

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salvaging the salt lake city olympics. >> he bailed out the salt lake city olympic games by heroically going to congress and asking them for tens and millions of dollars to bail out. >> and the romney quick response team responded almost immediately, spokeswoman, andrea saying, sometimes when you shoot from the hip, you shoot yourself in the foot. post 9/11 security and seeking earmarks for polar bear exhibits at the pittsburgh zoo. newt gingrich campaigning with herman cain went after both his rivals for refusing to participate in the presupertuesday debate. he went after romney for those negative ads. >> all they need to know is, it's paid for with wall street money and it's false. >> gingrich has no plans to drop out, especially with another $10 million infusion coming to his super pack from
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casino magnet. in washington, fox news. tears and hugs after maryland takes a giant step toward legalizing same sex marriage. yesterday the house passed a bill. the bill now heads to the senate. if passed, it heads to governor martin o'malley. in maryland, it is a different story in new jersey. yesterday, governor chris cristie vetoed a bill allowing it in the state. cristie says it's up to voters to decide the issue and is renewing his call for a valid question. an advocate for same sex couples who uphold new jersey's existing civil union law. a big story coming out of the middle east tonight to iranian warships spotted in the mediterranean sea. iranian officials say the mission was a show of might and a message of peace. it comes as they continue to clash over iran's nuclear program. new video showing an attack on
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a funeral. it comes as the syrian president holds a meeting with chinese officials. fox's dominik has the story. >> supposedly capturing the moment demonstrators say government forces turn their weapons on a funeral procession. panicked protesters shouted, trying to run to safety. this war inside syria, the social media, as the syrian government outlaws journalists. breaking out as the chinese met trying to defuse the # 1 month long crisis. the chinese foreign minister shaking his hand. beijing insists they cannot force regime change. meanwhile, secretary of state, hillary clinton, says political harmony is needed. >> whether they be sunni,
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christian, or syrian have to come together to establish a credible opposition. >> with turkey's foreign minister yesterday, any solution to syria's violence must be found within the region. >> obviously, we monitor the situation closely. but we have no intention to intervene. >> syria had support from his old friend, iran, according to a news agency. apparently a destroyer and a support have now headed through the canal and heading for syrian coast. most of all, apparently, to israel. domonique, fox news. we're getting new information on a deadly shooting inside a federal building in long beach, california thursday. officials say an immigrations and customs agent was shot and
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killed during an intense struggle for his gun with another agent. garcia shot his supervisor three times before another agent grabbed his gun and killed him. garcia had gotten a job performance review right before the shooting. all right, here's a question. if you were the first american to orbit the earth, you think you would be satisfied with your life, at least professionally. >> there's one thing john glenn would like to change. he looks back on the 50 years since his historic flight. that's still ahead. >> and the caps seek back to back wins in the sunshine state. lindsey murphy is up next with sports. hi gwen. >> we are keeping a close eye on this system to the south because it's headed up the atlantic sea board and it could bring us snow. we'll let you know all the details and what to expect coming up. we'll be back after the break. texting...blogging... all this technology, but you're still banking like pilgrims!
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the caps, we talked about during the commercials, easily
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won the southeast. four seasons in a row, but now some injuries have played havoc on the team. >> they have been bouncing around first and second place, but a concussion, which sounds bad, and mike green has been out. 32 days since he had surgery. he was back today. would he have an impact? >> let's see. >> he plays defense. they weren't able to score. hey, we'll try. winning the southeast division has been easy the last four seasons. this year it's a whole different ball game. instead of relaxing, they fought week in and week out to get a chance at first place. and mike green, he was back in the lineup for the first time since january 7. he played 14 plus minutes. pretty good. second period, caps down 1-0. matt hendricks has his pass stolen. he watches this, scores his nhl leading 40th goal. 2-0 lightning. alexander out to matthew.
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in front to brooks. that was the final goal of the game. the capitals fall to the lightning, 2-1. >> georgetown seeking a sweep of providence. final seconds of the first half, quickly to hollice thompson. a 31-20 halftime lead. second half we go. henry sims would come up with a big spill. look at the drop pass to nate for the jam. the south bur row massachusetts native had close to 100 fans. 63-53. they improve to 10-4 in big east play. >> maryland on the road facing virginia and their wacky fans. first half, maryland trailed by 9. then they would rally. terrell from the left side, to give the terps a lead. he finishes in the first half. game was tied at 31. at the break. unable to handle the pass here. virginia out on the break.
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nailing the three pointer. that was part of the 16-0 run as they run away from the terps 71-44. and coming up tonight, more college hoops. we have some golf and a fiery crash. >> we all were watching that very closely. >> he's okay though, right? >> and if you didn't see how this race ended, it was great. we were watching it and we have to work, but we were waiting for it to end. >> i saw you changing tires in the parking lot. i didn't know you were that motivated by it. >> i do what i have to do. >> as we continue, a woman in desperate need of a kidney did not have to look far to find a donor. her amazing story is still ahead.  whatcha lookin' for hon?
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sharing his favorite memories and one title he wishes he could have won. matt friedman reports. >> amazing to me to look back 50 years and think it's been 50 years. >> it was a flight that launched john glenn as a national hero and put america on even footing with the soviet union. >> it still seems so vivid to me. >> on february 20, 1962, glenn became the first american to orbit the earth aboard friendship 7. >> we had tried to see all the things that would happen, but we didn't see all of them. >> 50 years ago, this president's day, glenn circled the earth three times in five hours. >> i'm proud of what we all did, all seven of us did on those flights. we worked very closely together. >> so many blessings and accomplishments, glenn admits there's still one brass ring he


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